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SSD drives are pretty cheap now
Thought this might be interesting to all of you. SSD prices seem to be at an all time low and still slowly falling.

I was surprised to realize you can get a 1TB SSD for around 90 EUR now. Maybe it's wise to still wait a little bit, I don't know, but I got myself 2 1TB SSDs to speed up project work a bit. Smile
Thanks given by: Stamper
Do you have some links? I'm interested in swapping internal storage for faster ones!
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Hmm you could check this place for example:

Default is sorted by price per TB I think. I went for the Sandisk SSD Plus 1TB. It went a little up in price again, now it's 93 or so. You can see price history for each product when you click on it.
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I guess they are SATA... I'd go with NVME (best are up to 6x/7x faster) - you can find 1TB 3400MB/S read 3000MB/S write at 119€...
Thanks given by: TomArrow , Stamper
That's pretty impressive if true. Gotta look into that next time.
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Half an idea of buying three - one for the OS, two in RAID 0 to speed up things!
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Speed up 3000MB/s? For what? Big Grin
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It's "only" a PCI-3, after all... Wink
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But, realistically, what would you ever need such rates for? 16K realtime editing from 64-bit floating point TIFFs? Big Grin Wink
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It's like a supercar: you will never be allowed to drive it at full speed (apart on German highways), but it's nice to know it is able to do that! Big Grin

Or, load Windows 10 in few seconds...
Thanks given by: TomArrow

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