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The Lord of the Rings 1978
The current of release of the Bakshi Lord of the Rings only has a 5.1 remix with the changed narration at the end. I was wondering if anyone ever captured the VHS or laserdisc audio for this one.
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I have the audio from the JP LD (SF-098-5061) captured, it was an analog-only disc though. I sent it to a user on Original-Trilogy back in 2015 and I believe he synced it with the BD, but I'm not sure if he shared it anywhere or not.
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I know ages ago I stumbled onto an old DVD copy I had in my attic. God knows where that is now though.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Ah, yes.  The first DVD did have DD 2.0.  Unfortunately, I don't have it.
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