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Does anyone have English subs for the Once Upon a Time in the West Italian DVD?
I know this is a long shot but does anyone have English subs timed for the old Italian DVD? This one:

For those not in the know this DVD has yet another, now rare, restoration of OUATIW. A restoration that has now been supplemented by the new Italian/Paramount/Scorsese/etc restoration. I was maybe going to do something with the DVD but it would be nice to have English subs for the Italian dialogue...
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I think I have french subs. You would need to copy paste all the english subs to conform. There's not a lot of talk in the movie, so maybe you could do that.

If they are just for a few missing scenes, maybe I can do it as long as I have a set of subs in srt from the film.
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I don't have any subs but I do have the Leonenut edit if you want to check that out.
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I remember this release but I never owned it, sorry.
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