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Audio Comparisons
(2020-01-12, 07:54 PM)Stamper Wrote: Pal is a disease. You also have crazy stuff happening like some italian westerns are dubbed for DVD in the 00's, but in Pal speed. When slowed down, either the music or the voices end up in the wrong pitch, with no way to correct it.

That is true. However, if the faulty pitched 5.1 redub/remix has dialog and music stems separate with no other things bleeding in, then pitch correction of ether one is possible.
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Yes, but it looks like no one preserve those. A friend is doing repacks, and he goes crazy because either the music is off pitch, and the voices normal, or the voices are deep and growling and off pitch, and the music is right.

At Studio Canal it looks like since Blu-ray started, the same guy is doing the corrections and botches 3 out of 7 releases with wrong pitch on the 24fps resyncs.
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Boyz N' The Hood

4K Blu-ray vs DVD (Region 1)


DVD - Dolby 2.0 Surround
[Image: WabzInF.jpg]

4K Blu-ray - DTS-HD MA 2.0 Surround
[Image: shIKDd4.jpg]

4K Blu-ray - DTS-HD MA 5.1
[Image: T82fxrn.jpg]

4K Blu-ray - Dolby Atmos
[Image: tvHhk1g.jpg]
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Can't wait to check out Boyz N The Hood 4K and that 2.0 soundtrack!
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(2020-01-31, 11:50 PM)bendermac Wrote: Boyz N' The Hood

4K Blu-ray vs DVD (Region 1)


DVD - Dolby 2.0 Surround

Fantastic Bendermac! Thank you so much the comparison!

And what a coincidence, I just finished watching the UHD (amazing!) and came here to see if there's any news of the LD audio capture (there's both a Criterion (1992) and a Sony (1995) edition that should sound interesting).

Sony has been pretty good at including the original audio tracks on their UHDs for a couple of years now. If only every studio would do that for catalog title.

Having never owned the LD for BNTH, I'm really interested in knowing how the Stereo Track compares to the LD.  

BTW bendermac, what software do you use to make such graphs?
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Those spectrals haven't been volume-matched; all we can say from them is one track is louder than the other.
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Escape to Victory (1981)

LD vs BD

The audio from the BD was volume matched using Adobe Audition.
The LD audio was provided by zeropc to me a while ago. Unfortunately there was no info from the original sharer if this was a bit-perfect capture or not and which LD was used. According to zeropc this was shared on a privat forum and synced to a iTunes WEB-DL of the movie.

[Image: iaCWPEj.jpg]

BD - Volume matched to LD
[Image: 5aSdRJ0.jpg]

BD - Original Volume
[Image: 3fVJx7z.jpg]
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Hi bendermac,

thank a lot for your comparison. I guess I'm still learning how to read and interpret spectograms.

But from what I gather so far, it seems the BD has been filtered to get rid of the 'hiss', but otherwise they don't seem much different when level matched. Is that right?

In you opinion, did you prefer the LD track?
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