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A Better Tomorrow
captainsolo Wrote:... but sadly never got the corrected dvd for ABT anywheres. ...

Which release ist the "corrected" one?

I like both "A Better Tomorrow" and "A Better Tomorrow 2", I am not that fond of "A Better Tomorrow 3" somehow.
"A Better Tomorrow" has more consitent storytelling, with some great action sequences. I think the restaurant massacre is really iconic, and the final Showdown just great.
I do not like the storytelling path of ABT2 that much, I like the storytelling in ABT1, it feels really weird and incosistent, but I really love the action sequences.
I really would love to see wat John Woo would have done, if it would not had been that postproduction mess.
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ABT2 is bad because of Dean Shek, who ruins all the parts he is in until he gets back on track.

The climax makes up for it.

ABT1 is fantastic, if somehow impaired when compared to The Killer. But you can see the seeds of that style setting in.

ABT3 is my favorite, mainly because it focuses on a action heroine.
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(2019-10-10, 08:35 PM)captainsolo Wrote: ABT isn't as impressive on the first viewing especially when seen after The Killer and HB. However its themes are so great that over time it stays with you and becomes a greater presence. Thus I now hold it as third only to THE KILLER and HARD BOILED in the great action films category and Woo's oeuvre. I have the score and play it regularly. I also love BITH which is essentially the ABT3 prequel closer to originally intended before Woo and Hark split. The ABT3 film is quite terrible outside of Chow being great as always.

A true ABT2 Director's Cut would be a godsend since the final film was cut by separate editors following the wishes of Woo and Hark each who had differing ideas. Apparently it was given to this team of cutters who cut the film in literally a couple of days and that was it. Hark wanted a comedy for some insane reason and Woo wanted to match the first film if possible.
Maybe it's one that will grow on me. I have only seen ABT once. The theme song rocks though. I recently saw BITH and thought it was a great film. I don't like the alternate ending though. I prefer the climactic chase at the end
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