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Best UT video codec?
Me again!

Finishing off my first colour correction project. I’m working in premiere and my plan is to export uncompressed then encode to 264 using ripbot (I’ve read about someone else using that method).

I’ve installed the UT codec but in premiere there are about 10 different options to choose from. Which am I best using? 420, 422, 444, 601, 709 etc.

This is a HDTV source going to blu ray.

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There is no "best", because the options relate to color space, not quality.  You pick the one that matches the properties of  your video.  Based on what you have described, Rec.709 420 is almost certainly the right choice.  But if you don't know what those options mean, you should read up on them because they relate to basic, fundamental aspects of video editing that you'll need to know about for future projects, especially if you are focusing on color correction. Smile
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With voukoder you can now export x264 straight out of Premiere anyway, if you want. Though keeping a HQ backup can't hurt either I guess.

I don't know what UT video codec is, but most sources (like HDTV) tend to be 4:2:0, and HD is typically Rec709 color space, so choosing those for the output can't hurt. However if you want a better quality export you can go higher with the color subsampling, 422 or even 444, though unless you did something in your regrade that introduces more color precision than the 4:2:0 source, you likely won't see much of a benefit.
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UT video is just a suite of lossless codecs, but when used with x264 the encodes are faster
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Thanks all. Chewtobacca yes I still have a lot to learn, I'm new to working with HD and colour correction but I guess we all have to start somewhere. What was confusing me was in the past I have used Lagarith and that only has one export option, where with UT Video there are many. I looked at the source file with mediainfo and can see now I have to change the view to text but it shows me in there that the file is 4:2:0 and BT 709. So I know where to look now in the future.
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