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The Ring Original DVD/DVHS Colors (Quick Project)
[Image: NToT2BX.jpg]

The Ring Original DVD/DVHS Colors (Quick Project v1.0)

Project Info

The original HD master of the US remake of The Ring (2002) has a different color timing than the later BD. The original timing was a cool blue-green mix whereas the BD has a firmly dark, green-yellow look. Here are some examples between the BD and DVD:

Luckily the older, and I think superior color timing has appeared in HD on the old DTheather DVHS system and has since been ripped. The project will take that HD footage and IVTC to back to 23.976 and run a light clean-up mostly of deblock since the original tape is mpeg-2.

Adding to that will be the Cinema DTS as originally heard in theaters.


Mpeg-2 footage deblocked and convert back to standard 23.976


1. DTS-HD MA 5.1 or PCM 5.1 (from the Cinema DTS Discs)
2. DTS 5.1 (from the DVHS Tape cap)
3. DTS-HD MA 5.1 (from the BD) -----maybe


1. English (from the BD)------maybe


Temp/WIP Pics
[Image: gdY5OFW.jpg]

Collaborators and Thanks (In order of help):
New members: Please do not post or PM asking where to get something. Projects are for long term, participating members only. Stick around and make some friends
Thanks given by: TomArrow , jonno

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