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Released Gremlins 35mmized (1984)
Gremlins 35mmized (1984)

The new Gremlins UHD regraded to an old 35mm trailer of the same movie, using DrDre's ColorMatch tool and some adjustments in Photoshop.

Audio options include:
- Laserdisc PCM 2.0 encoded as FLAC
- Laserdisc PCM 2.0 dematrixed using a Dolby SDU4 hardware-decoder to 4.0 (LCRS)
- Dolby Headphone track created from the dematrixed 4.0 after upmixing to 5.1 (rear channel split and LFE crossover at 200 Hz with intact satellites)
- 5.1 from the UHD losslessly converted to FLAC


Much thanks to:
- williarob for the trailer scan
- BusterD & Chris Solo for the Laserdisc audio
- bronan for syncing the Laserdisc audio to the UHD
- PDB for advice on forum etiquette


[Image: tOZHO26V_t.png] [Image: EFRIEB87_t.png] [Image: wsxNDmno_t.png] [Image: mCFppwJu_t.png] [Image: rE3kJQUJ_t.png] [Image: BouVTPPr_t.png] [Image: ag2e54bO_t.png] [Image: tOthLCFb_t.png] [Image: rTRzyo6r_t.png] [Image: 8FKZ5WCb_t.png] [Image: BBta6k5y_t.png] [Image: PgkJbFTn_t.png] [Image: RCDLua05_t.png] [Image: 20TYyGs6_t.png] [Image: UyM7LIxC_t.png] [Image: krucIcHV_t.png] [Image: W0SqjzPE_t.png] [Image: hhEwAYtY_t.png] [Image: oHa2zoMb_t.png] [Image: fRbMjIWK_t.png] [Image: uP9Exu7L_t.png] [Image: Pgc2x8r9_t.png] [Image: BPyiZVa5_t.png] [Image: xgz7yc0K_t.png] [Image: dKCFECVn_t.png] [Image: nGVlkvGW_t.png] [Image: Ebsg5hWz_t.png] [Image: POwlenei_t.png] [Image: hBtkBukc_t.png] [Image: 2IkkFvLz_t.png] [Image: QfVZ6fCm_t.png] [Image: rhrET2Q8_t.png] [Image: tqiXcO2G_t.png] [Image: UW3xHWRK_t.png] [Image: Boe2xMNF_t.png] [Image: 6dCYvi7u_t.png] [Image: EwN4MBeg_t.png] [Image: s0db0vTv_t.png] [Image: xSlLEVhd_t.png] [Image: GYUVl5RR_t.png] [Image: odXt40FL_t.png] [Image: NL7nt17g_t.png] [Image: uhcUsy2F_t.png] [Image: Q2NeYFUd_t.png] [Image: IEpDi6Nt_t.png] [Image: SSFeckUF_t.png] [Image: yvOCA9Sw_t.png] [Image: NW6dIwMR_t.png] [Image: afgScvOz_t.png] [Image: 9N3IZeYt_t.png]

Available on the blue utopia.
Some before/after screenshots would be nice! Wink
Thanks given by:
(2019-10-16, 10:45 PM)spoRv Wrote: Some before/after screenshots would be nice! Wink

Here, extra for you. Smile

The top image is simply the tonemapping that I used pre-regrade, the bottom is the regrade. As you know, there's no standardized way to tonemap, so it may not be 100% representative of the UHD.

[Image: ad79OiU.jpg]
Thanks given by: spoRv
Great, thanks! Only one thing: NEVER REGRADE CREDITS - at least, the one with only text that is assumed is white...
Thanks given by: TomArrow
Heh. I typically just use a blanket LUT for the entire movie, so it can happen. I'll look out for this next time.
Thanks given by:
(2019-10-16, 11:14 PM)TomArrow Wrote: Heh. I typically just use a blanket LUT for the entire movie, so it can happen. I'll look out for this next time.

Thanks given by:

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