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[proposal]Qualcuno in ascolto (High frequency) (1988)
Yesterday I recorded this Italian movie (IMDB: from an HDTV channel; quality is not anywhere real HD, though...

The good thing is that it seems a direct film-to-video conversion, with grain, scratches etc... and, there is even no retail DVD, just VHS.

Bad thing, it misses the end credits, but they could be taken from the VHS; color grading is different from VHS - that is obviously messed up; still don't know if the HDTV is the *right* one...

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Found this unfinished project into one old HDD; it's almost complete, quality is not perfect, but still waaay better than the DVD of a analog broadcast; this HDTV is almost fullscreen - when stretched a bit, it seems to have the right aspect ratio - even if it was 2.35:1 in theaters, don't know if a home video with that AR exist; TV DVD, at the contrary, is 1.33:1 open matte, with more image on bottom and less on the sides; all in all, HDTV seems more right.

Colors: TV DVD looks like without color grading, while HDTV has a proper one IMHO - yes, the snow is blue, but only during the night! Big Grin

I leave it behind, as it will took weeks to render it with my actual PC at 0.07fps; it needs cleaning, delogo and grain plate; plus, credits from TV DVD are needed, and English track should be put in sync and replaced where missing. Maybe with the new PC...

I know nobody cares about this restoration project, but I think the movie is nice, story is not usual, and it's an Italian product with some English actors - I don't care about Vincent Spano, but Isabelle Pasco was/is a gorgeous woman! Wink
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I don't know if you know about this, but I found a different rip where the logo is placed differently.

[Image: vlcsnap-2016-12-04-20h12m42s208.png]

You could use this to mask out the logo.
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Nice find, IcePrick! I was not aware about this version - that should be quite old; and obviously a letterboxed version; but this time, it works in our favor!

Please send me a PM with further info, it will be really useful!

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Thanks to IcePrick; he has provided a source that not only will help to clear out logo, but it has also the english audio track!!!
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