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Jason And The Argonauts Criterion Laserdisc
Hi All,

For my next Criterion preservation project I am going to be doing Jason and the Argonauts. 

I already have the commentary track from the laserdisc and some of the extra features but not all of them. What I really need is someone with the laserdisc who can capture the missing special features:

32. Pre Production Drawings
33. Lobby cards and the original one sheet
35. Casting notes
36. Production photos
37. Production memos
38. Production records
39. Creating the hydra sequence
40. Creating the skeleton sequence
41 Harryhausen models and art work from the Forrest J Ackerman collection
48. Videodisc production credits

I think all of these are still images, if someone could capture them I would only need a few seconds of each as I'll extract the images and build slideshows. Hopefully someone out there can help. I'm working with someone who makes covers and they have reproduced the voyage map from inside the laserdisc cover as a blu ray insert, looks gorgeous. 

Thanks given by: PDB
No luck on the extras so far but in the meantime I wondered if anyone has a HD trailer for Earth Vs The Flying Saucers? The laserdisc has trailers for several Harryhausen movies, I've got most of them in HD but I'm missing Earth Vs The Flying Saucers.

It was included on the blu ray disc of It Came from Beneath the Sea and possibly other discs.
Thanks given by:

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