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[Request] Gremlins UHD to 1080p
From what I understand, the new Gremlins UHD is a new scan that far improves the image over the badly aged blu-ray. Would anyone have the ability to convert the new scan to 1080p? Either MKV or blu-ray would work. It sucks for us who cannot afford to upgrade to UHD to miss out on all the new remasters.

Thanks in advance.
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You could check if SWTYBLZ made a rip, make a rip yourself or if you like regrades, I made a regrade from the UHD in 1080p, which you can find in the released projects section here.
Thanks given by: oh_riginal
Load up the 2160p in something like ripbot264 and convert it yourself, go into avisynth, switch on option for tonemapping and resize to 1080p and you may need to tweak the color/brightness/contrast a little but its not hard, the gui is fairly simple. then just set your encoding parameters, I would suggest crf 16 as its a pretty grainy movie.
Thanks given by: oh_riginal
RipBot works great, and also most UHD players will downscale and tonemap to 1080p SDR for TVs that aren't 4k.
Thanks given by: oh_riginal

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