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[Proposal] Halloween 35mm/TV hybrid cut
This is one I've done purely for my own enjoyment but I may as well share it. I'm working on redoing it to a slightly higher standard but depending on how that goes I may just release the version I already have, or perhaps even both as alternatives.

I recently rewatched Croweyes1121's HALLOWEEN: Revised Extended Edition, which reintroduces the 1981 TV scenes to spoRv's Fundamental Collection #006 THX-esque regraded release of the film. As it usually does, it irritated me how slow and unnecessary the bulk of the TV content was, and how mismatched it was with the rest of the film. However, one scene stood out to me as having some merit: the one after Loomis has the argument about kid Michael's treatment in 1964. He walks down the corridor then enters Michael's room and stands by the door, silently, watching him. Then he says a line which I feel explains the previous, painfully longwinded scene much more efficiently: "You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me."

Whilst I like this part of the scene, it's got its own problems: there are some fairly questionable facial expressions from kid Michael, and the scene (like all others shot for the TV edit) is agonisingly padded out to hit that magic 2-hour runtime target. It also breaks the flow of the film where it sits in the Extended Edition, partly because the tone differs and it ruins the pacing, partly because it's very different visually (different colour, weird 80s wardrobe choices, and it's from a different film element than the rest of the film so has more damage/dirt). So, what I did was I snipped that one scene out, heavily cut most of the awkward cuts back and forth between Michael and Loomis, and stuck it at the beginning of the 2013 Blu-ray regrade as a prologue. I've kept the soundtrack as the original mono throughout.

As it stands, I haven't regraded the colour or attempted any cleanup, just lifted the video straight from the source and cut it for more dramatically effective timing. I'm happy with the edit, but not with the slightly distracting visual difference, so I'd like to give a conservative regrade a shot in DaVinci Resolve or similar. Incidentally, I'm considering trying to clean and regrade a similar insert for The Exorcist, so any tips would be helpful.

1. Would this be something you'd like to see?

2. Anyone got any particular suggestions or tips for approximating the colour regrade off the Blu-ray and/or cleaning up some of the dust/damage to the TV scene? I'm a complete beginner with that type of editing; all I've done in that respect is transcode to prores so I can actually use Resolve for the edit.

3. I'm considering making another version which uses the spoRv regrade rather than the Blu-ray, although I've been lucky enough to have seen a 35mm print of Halloween some years ago which I recall looking closer to the Blu-ray than to the THX colours approximated by spoRv's project. If there's interest, I might do two versions of the edit: one from each source.

Thanks given by: nafroe

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