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The Corruptor 1999 WEB DL 1080p Open Matte
I have the mouth of The Corruptor 1999 1080p Open Matte with the STARZ pop-up logo. I found a low-bitrate HDTV with the same content, which is enough to hide the logo and it will not be noticeable, the film also has non-disconnectable English subtitles for Chinese, surprisingly HDTV does not have these non-disable subtitles, but due to its low The quality of subtitle hiding in the STARZ source will be noticeable.
Maybe someone has the best source for HDTV and it turns out to perfectly remove hard-coded subtitles.
Is it also possible that there is a Cinema DTS sound? In the Blu Ray edition, the sound is not the best, with a cut of frequencies in the region of 20K
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