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Dr No, FRWL and Goldfinger Criterion Laserdisc Restorations
(2020-10-07, 01:06 AM)nafroe Wrote:
(2020-10-06, 08:07 PM)ac3 Wrote: Nice! I don't have the 4k but they sync fine with the blurays. The bass is missing on the 5.1 for avtak.

The 5.1 on the AVTAK BD has missing bass? I haven't watched my copy in a bit so I don't specifically recall offhand.

(2020-10-07, 01:35 AM)ac3 Wrote: for the punches in the microchip warehouse all the bass is gone , its there on the lossy mix

The 5.1 loses a ton of low end. The 2.0 has a nice warm natural low end punch to it that was a shock the first time I watched it on LD. You get a tiny fraction of high end distortion in the helicopter explosion in the PTs but that's the only issue-and it's still in the 5.1.

The difference in low end comes though most especially in the score-and ESPECIALLY the main titles where the title song comes to life. When the transition from PTS to titles happen and the the beginning of the song starts it wakes you up instantly!
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , alleycat
Yeah I just finished syncing the ld. It sounds close to the 5.1 but has a bit more bass. Seems like all the 5.1 remixes on the bond flicks have missing lfe.
Thanks given by: alleycat , BDgeek

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