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[proposal] Robocop (1987) - 1.66:1
What's about this? Do you like the idea? Is there any PAL 1.66:1 DVD that could be used? I thought to use the PaNup technique, but I need both NTSC and PAL for that...
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My DVD is 1,85:1. Sad
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IIRC the Criterion Collection DVD is 1.66:1. From what I remember the transfer is pretty gritty and dark, but I haven't seen it in ages.
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Yes, it seems that the Criterion laserdisc could be even better than the NTSC DVD... if I'd use this, both CAV and CLV versions could be used to improve a bit the video quality.
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I'd be interested in this, I remeber hearing this is the direcotrs preferred ratio.
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I have the Criterion DVD if that helps?
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@CSchmidlapp: it could help... Big Grin

Take a look at this link:
more details also on both sides...
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Made some tests a year ago; today I refined it a bit, and, although the test capture isn't perfect, I think the final result is not that bad...

Bicubic Vs [spoRv]:
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Considering the source not to bad Andrea.

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Impressive. The process seems to have enhanced what almost looks like dot crawl in the hand motion in the first comparison shot. The face in the third looks a bit like plastic with some over-sharpening as well.

Is there a name for the strange vertical noise in the before shots? I don't recall seeing anything like that before, but maybe it is less noticeable when in motion.
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