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[Released] Highlander - The French Theatrical Cut - Preservation
What version is on the french DVD1 of the Pal double DVD set you used (where the french edit is in french only)?

Is it similar to the US, or the DC? It might be the original english french subtitled version.

They say it's the "european" I think on the sleeve.
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I only own the 1 disc French version that contains just the French version. The 2 disc French releases contain both the French and European cuts.
Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
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Yesterday I got a PM from Falcon; he's synced up the French laserdisc audio to this preservation so there will probably be a version 2 release of this sometime with improved French language audio.

Something else I thought might be of interest is that the French laserdisc Falcon owns contains both the WWII flashback that was excluded from the US Cut AND the Bedsoe sitting in the car shot that was exclusive to the US Theatrical Cut! Even more interesting is that the LD is in widescreen; making this the first known home release of this shot in widescreen! 


As Stamper pointed out both the French and US Cuts were shown in France, just one was dubbed and the other had the original English language audio, so I guess this is some sort of hybrid home video version. In some ways it's a shame it didn't survive to the DVD releases.

Thanks again to Falcon for bringing this to my attention.
Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
I'm not sure it's a hybrid. If it's on the Laserdisc, it's the same version that was shown in French theaters.

I can't remember, but that scene was also probably in all french VHS releases.

I think the french edited out the scene on their DVD release. StudioCanal are specialists in botching releases.
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I've now had the chance to have a look at the French laserdisc, and it's certainly quite different from the most recent Studio Canal release. There is no opening text; just a black screen with the French actor for Ramírez speaking the intro, and the whole of the opening credits have been translated to French. The editing of the wrestling footage also matches the US Cut, rather than the EU Cut editing of the SC DVD.

I think both the LD and the DVD originated from theatrical prints, with the LD showing obvious reel change markers, and the DVD missing small amounts of footage either side of where the reel changes are. I suspect the Studio Canal DVD has perhaps been re-assembled using the EU Cut.

Can anyone who saw this in French cinemas at the time remember if the French language version had the French openings, wrestling footage and Bedsoe clip like the LD?

Either way I plan to try and preserve this version. I'll leave Version 1 as it is; a HD preservation of the Current SC DVD, and Version 2 as a HD preservation of the French LD.
Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
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