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[request] Mad Max Australian Mono from Shout BD

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Can someone please provide the australian audio mono track from the Shout Factory BD, as it is lossless for the first time.
I'd like to sync it to the MGM BD, which only has the audio in lossy Dolby Sad

Thanks Smile

PS: The Trailers and TV Spots would be welcomed as well Cool
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It's a downmix of the 5.1 so useless don't bother with it. Misses one line at the end, just like on the MGM.

Second for the trailers thought, I also would love to see the new doc itw with Mel.
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Crap... Thanks for the heads up
Yeah, shout does alot of this crap with downmixing, i'm real tired of them.
Mad Max - Comparison audio Aussie Mono vs 5.1 remix

Quote:Here is a small comparison video in order to see the HUGE gap between the original mono mix and the new 5.1 mix of this movie.
I'm sure you'll hear the difference easily.

I hope this one is different to improve MM. 
Mad Max (1979) DVD R4 2002 - Full bitrate: DTS 5.1 (1536Kb/s)

Quote:MAD MAX (1979) - the original negatives are lost forever. They did a 2k/2.5k transfer from Interpositive.
MGM Blu-Ray has the better post-transfer remastering, but the stereo audio track has some missing dialogues in the Max/Johnny the Boy's final sequence.
SHOUT! Blu-Ray has the worst post-transfer remastering, but the stereo audio track is correct.
There is some minor issue of macroblocking on the USA and AUSSIE editions.
You will never see this movie on 4k transfer, sadly.
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What but of course there will be a 4K possibility, an IP is as good, if better (already color correct scheme) than the negative.
Often some directors go back to the neg and they end up with a crap looking Blu just because it's not timed correctly. Plus at 2K, there's no difference in detail with an IP if the work is done right with the IP.
This is probably one of the first released DVDs. Maybe 5.1 is better than on BD.
For now I have only screens.
There are three color timing of Mad Max

- Warner original DVD which looks like the film prints
- Collector's double DVD remaster which looks kinda like the film prints, only with better resolution than the first DVD.
- Blu-ray crap disc which looks nothing like the film prints, but restores full framing.
Here is R4 review with screenshots.

Thankfully some of the problems with dialogue being drowned out by effects and music have been rectified, this problem only cropping up in a couple of instances throughout the film.

More reviews:

I never saw, not even hear anything about this film.
Before MAD MAX There Was STONE”
[Image: 91Qz8lcw3RL._SX385_.jpg]
Stone (1974) Japanese Blu-Ray LPCM - Aussie Cult Film - released 2015

Google translate from amazon.jp
TV broadcast version dubbed included!
July 26, 1982 (Mon) TBS "Monday roadshow" version

Several of the cast went on to appear in Mad Max (1979) Happy
[Image: 978.gif]

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