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[No Longer Available] Die Hard 2 UHD Downconvert and Regrade (Quick Project)
looks pretty good! I have a 1080 SDR copy of this that i got from earlier this year, but this one is obviously so much better!
Thanks given by: PDB
^ It certainly does.  The regrade is awesome and makes me feel as if I were watching the film in the theater again.
Thanks given by: PDB
Thanks for the kind words guys. Turns out I accidentally purged one of the rar files when I needed space for something. So I guess this project is gone for now.

Happy trails
New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something or what the current status of a project is. Such requests are ignored. Instead, stick around and become a participating member. Thank you.

Thanks given by: applesandrice

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