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Audio Restoration - Odd Looking File
Hi All,

I'm syncing up a commentary track to a blu ray and the volume is very low on it so I was just going to normalise it in sound forge. 

However when looking at it, the audio goes further below the middle line than it goes above the middle line, see below:

Not sure what causes this and if anything should be done to correct it? After normalising it looks like this:

It sounds a lot better than it was so I could just go with it. Any other suggestions? I didn't capture the LD myself.

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doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, in case of voice recording
Thanks given by: alleycat
(2019-12-03, 06:34 PM)Plissken1138 Wrote: doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, in case of voice recording

Thanks for the link I'll have a read. It does sound a bit muffled but I guess the original LD could have been like that.
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