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Need help joining files by muxing.

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So my problem is taking a video i encoded and mux or join it with another video file. I can't seem to encode it exactly like the movie file. I don't want to re-encode the entire movie just remux it. I'm replacing one intro with another but i get this (H264 warn: Force frame_mbs_only_flag division invalid detected. Cancel this flag)

Here's the intro as an avi  https://mega.co.nz/#!EUNA0QgY!ZgP0WHRo9a...DgSTp-d48c
Audio to go with the intro  https://mega.co.nz/#!cJFhGQZD!cyzNUU1lb5...tUSJbtXAZs

Here's a sample from the first 30 seconds of the movie https://mega.co.nz/#!hcdlFLhA!evjSD8xZL-...UdlCvPRkj8

MediaInfo only tells me so much.

Any help would be great  Smile
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Moved! Wink

Have you tried TSmuxeR? And TSSniper?
I think also VideoREDO should work well, but it's not freeware.

Of course, the video should be similar - same codec, resolution etc. - for example, it works flawlessly with HDTV recordings!
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I tried eac3to and tsMuxeR never tried TSSniper though.  The reason for the re-encoding the intro is that is was from a movie that was VC-1 and the movie i want to join it with is AVC.

Thanks for moving it
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Well i tried TSSniper but it'll only take one or the other because they are not exactly encoded the same. I need more info on the file that has to be matched, so i can adjust the setting for encoding the intro properly.
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