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[Help] Alien Super 8mm - HD version?

Just wondering, I have the Alien Appendix series on DVD and on one of the discs is the Super 8mm 'digest' version but in SD only.

Was there ever a HD version of this Super 8mm version or would it not be feasible?
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You can actually get Super 8 scanned in at 4k so it's feasible, whether it would make much difference to the viewer I guess is a different story. I've got a disc with several Super 8 movies on it, Alien, Star Wars, Star Trek, Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, the quality is really bad on most of them, highly pixelated and red tints. I like the idea of these condensed versions though.
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I think I saw some pretty impressive samples of Super8 scans, but I imagine you need a really good quality scan and a really good quality production of the Super 8 for that, those were homemade movies so probably scans of the first generation of the film.

With that said, I doubt they did the cut itself on Super8, in other words I'd wager the master is actually on 35mm so one could just scan that? Just a guess tho.
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Unfortunately so much of the super 8mm that's out there is badly faded. The stuff on low fade stock can look absolutely stunning, but it depends on the quality of the lab work.

Is that your copy of the Alien digest Bigrob?
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Sadly not my copy. It's on my wishlist to get though
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I have a copy - no real idea what state it's in, but if anyone has the facilities to do a proper scan I'll happily send it to them.

There was a beautiful transfer on YouTube a while back. I messaged them about obtaining a good quality copy, but never had a response - I foolishly didn't even grab the online version before it disappeared.
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