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[Proposal] Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - UAR regraded
Well, almost everyone agrees that this movie is too dark, and often part of the action is lost due to this.
I made my own project and increased brightness, along with fixing three short shots that needed to be fixed (at the time):

Now, after some time - and experience - I'm ready to "refresh" this project a bit... this time it would be the theatrical cut (and not the unrated version I used for the previous project).

Using the open matte WEB version and BD, I'll use the same brightness increase I used before, but this time I'll tweak also the colors, as I think they are quite dull...
At the end, plus points are:
  • bigger frame size
  • increased brightness
  • "better" colors
while the only (subjective) minus point is the fact I'll use the theatrical cut instead of the unrated, unless someone could spot an unrated open matte version without logo - or with logo I could delete using a second source...

Comparison - BD top, UAR bottom:

[Image: AVPR-moviefingerprint-BD.jpg]
[Image: AVPR-moviefingerprint-UAR.jpg]

If only I could find the fullscreen DVD... I'm curious to see if it's possible to use it as a third source!
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Hello spoRv

could you allow me to see the lighted version? I have Probleme finding the Website and really want to enjoy avpr because I think except for the darkness, it's not a bad movie at all

Thanks, Peter
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This movie, and The Relic (1997) are the darkest movies I have ever seen!
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