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Psycho - UNCUT

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I just wanted to draw attention to an issue I have with all the releases of "Psycho" so far. The latest Blu-ray is certainly not lacking in quality in my book, but Universal still insists that this version is the "original, complete, unedited theatrical version of the film as it was released in 1960".
Their words to me in an e-mail back from 2010, before the actual release. I told them that the German print of "Psycho" contains uncensored footage of a few scenes. But since that rarely gets shown anymore and has been replaced with the "official" US-version on most TV-broadcasts I could not provide footage to prove it.

But now I got lucky! A local broadcaster here in Germany aired the old print again and I recorded it. The quality is not great but good enough to show the differences. And now I finally got around to put together a YouTube video that compares both versions. Since I am not allowed to post links, I suggest you search for "Psycho UNCUT" on YouTube if you are interested.

And a quick e-mail to Universal would be nice so that they just might restore these scenes properly. Alas the quality of this TV-recording is not good enough for a restoration. One would at least have to get to the master elements of the German prints (if these still exist). And I would bet that these shots are also present in French and Italian prints of the time, as they had less strict censorship standards.

Thank you all in advance for your support in bringing this classic back to it's real Director's cut!
Because youtube is an open-to-all website, you are welcome to add the link!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Thank you!

Here's the link:


Unfortunately I think this video is too late  Sad

I just found out that Universal already did a 4K restoration from their negative and I am sure it will be same old cut we always get...
@ nummer6 - Would you be willing to share your recording of the German TV broadcast? If so, please send me a PM. There might actually be a way to do a restoration using the footage, but I would really like to see the video without youtube re-encoding and it would be needed for a possible project. Since there is so little that would need to be done, I would be happy to give it a tryWink
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PM sent.
I did see a 35mm screening of this film about 5 years ago. I really wish I could remember if those shots were in there, though I feel like I remember seeing that extended shot of the bloody hands.
A 35mm print with that footage would a treat to see. I wonder how hard it would be to find a how expensive it would be?
There was just a 35mm print floating around for sale. I think close to a grand. Also I think a 16mm not too long ago.

Problem is its a crap shoot. No idea if it would have the footage or not.
I know I'm necroposting, but I have a 16mm reduction print of this. No idea if it has the cut scenes, but I could check and see... A 35mm print would be way better though.
No rush, but whenever you get a chance to check, I would be interested if it contains that "uncut" footage.

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