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Hey, here I am. The third by now.

Errr... hello.

Let's see how this one goes. ^_^u
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It's not a competition, so no prize, sorry! Wink
Happy to see you here, and hope you will be an active member - I know you have many things to say about the movie restoration topic...
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W... what? No prize? So the cake was a lie??


Sure I have a lot to say about restoration. Not much experience on restoring something myself, but a lot on talking about it! Big Grin

If I can help in any way I will for sure!
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We are here for the whole restoration "affaire", not only in project making... the members wants to know which movies should be preserved (and why), if they are available on BD or not, and if they are, if they are "wrong", why... suggestions, ideas, feedbacks are always well appreciated, I think - at least by me!

...and if you have some spare time to waste, and need no prizes, we are looking for a brave mod... Wink
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Unfortunately, I don't have the time for that kind of commitment (being a moderator, I mean), but I can help in anything else! Smile
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