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[request] Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

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In 2012 Universal released the Universal Classic Monsters/The Essential Collection on Blu-ray. They really knocked the ball out of the park. Each movie looks amazing with perfect gamma and contrast. Bride of Frankenstein looks and sounds incredible as well, using a 4K wet scan of a lavender nitrate positive. There is one small glitch though, that once you see it, it can't be unseen, which is a shame. Someone at Universal tried to fix a rough jump cut and botched it.

This is a link to a few forum pages which outlines the problem and a simple fix that one of it's members did. It's only a few frames of work, I can send someone a mint copy of the Blu-ray and I'll pay for shipping and all of that. Maybe someone here with restoration experience could read the link I've added and see what you can do?


I'm not sure how to spread the joy with others enjoying a fixed version if someone takes this on, but I'll help in any way I can. It's a drag that such a historic motion picture can look this good and have a great original mono soundtrack in lossless audio and be left with a handful of frames needing work.

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I've got a pre-restoration HDTV copy if that helps. 1080i and 25fps. I'd suggest using it in a restoration project rather than an alternative as the Blu-Ray's image is much nicer otherwise.
That sounds great The Aluminum Falcon! Where can I find a HDTV copy?
You can find the HDTV file on cinemageddon. Not sure if it's still seeded, though.

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