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The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) Mono
The 1994 mix also has the effects at a higher level to the detriment of the film. This carried over into the DVD 5.1 track which was the same master and had to finally be corrected on the new mix for the modern digital restoration which also finally presented the film at 2.55:2 with Cinemascope mumps. The older versions were 2.35 and had people mump-less. no release I know of has mono unless it's an early cut release on video from the 80's.

I still wish we could get the original 4 track and mono mixes though the elements are gone. The newer mix is much better but I grew up on the 1994 mix so I hung onto my old copies plus to have the old ratio. Another film with a very good 5.1 track where there are missing stems of the original 4 track mix is Forbidden Planet.

Sony/Columbia was trying hard back in the day but only had photochemical aspects to work with and some of these films were in truly bad shape. The old Kwai transfers look great whereas Guns of Navarone really needed digital help. The old letterbox LD of that is from the 90's photochemical restoration and is full of issues whereas the Blu-ray is a revelation in picture and sound.

Also keep in mind the 4 track on Kwai would be limited in soundfield anyway as the score was a mono recording to begin with which is why most copies on record/CD were stereoized.
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