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FanRes *catalog numbers*
Well, we (the FanRes members) are ready to release some interesting projects, and I wonder if you would like to adopt a catalog number system for the releases...

It will be great if we have a given number for each release, so we could refer to that call it, for example, 10001-BD instead of "movie title [release name] version 1.1 with audio fixed and color improved"... Wink

I thought to useĀ #####-XX, where ##### is the catalog number, and XX is the project format, like
  • BD = Blu-ray
  • DV = DVD
  • UB = UltraHD Blu-ray
  • MK = MKV file
  • etc.
and maybe use the first digit to differentiate the kind of project, like
  • 1 = movie
  • 2 = animation
  • 3 = music
  • 4 = bonus
  • etc.
of course using the same four subsequential digits for the same title, for example 1XXXX-BD will be the movie, while 4XXXX-BD will be the bonus disc related to the same movie.
It is possible to release also, for example, a bonus disc related to a commercially released movie, locking the 1XXXX catalog number.

The catalog number will be used also in the (eventual) cover, on the spine; if we all use it, we'll have a bit of FanRes in every cover - if you are happy to include it, of course - something like the following

[Image: general_Fan_Res_COVER.png]
(link to the image:

What do you think?
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This is an excellent idea Andrea!

Assuming that others are willing, how would we determine which "numbers" are NOT in use, so that people aren't releasing two different titles with the same "barcode/catalog#?"
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Thanks Jerry!

We should start a thread called "Catalog Number IDs" when there are all the releases with related catalog numbers; then, when someone has finished a project, go there and claim the first free number.

May it work?
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I think that, if the community is willing to participate this could work very well.
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These numbers are a cool idea, but don't put them in torrent name, that would be confusing. Smile
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@ Feallan - Agreed Big Grin
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Of course not in the torrent name, it will be confusing... but it will be great to have something in a "readme" file, in the forum, like:

My latest releases

10001-BD - movie name 1
40001-BD - movie name 1 bonus disc
10002-BD - movie name 2
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Was thinking also to "small releases", like a trailer... does it "worth" a catalog number? I think so, but then four digits may be not enough... Wink
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Then maybe we should do 5 digitsWink

I am rather disappointed with the fact that more people haven't joined this conversation. Come on people, we need some input from youTongue

[Image: c308d88f9e24a0e87e70925ad19c39c2cae411a9...39ccfe.jpg]
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If I may add, should catalog abbreviation also contain info about the source-like, LD, 35mm, 16mm, etc.?
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