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The Quest (1996) - framing issue.

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While I usually prefer 2.35: 1 movies, especially when it's their original aspect ratio, I have a problem with this movie. On the DVD (Dutch edition) I had the 1.85: 1 open matte version, showing more vertically, then I did the blu upgrade, where we have 2.35: 1 and it turns out that framing quite often looks wrong. I have the impression that there is too much free space above, while below it is cut too much, and this can be felt especially in combat scenes in which sometimes kicks are hardly visible ...
This is probably the first film in which framing 2.35: 1 irritates me.

Comparison between 2.35:1 US Blu-ray and 1.78:1 dutch DVD:

[Image: 37b7031335504080.jpg] [Image: 3fe3571335504085.jpg] [Image: 03355e1335504093.jpg] [Image: 9abc0f1335504100.jpg] [Image: fb695c1335504108.jpg] [Image: d688fe1335504113.jpg] [Image: b994171335504121.jpg] [Image: 79d0db1335504133.jpg]

The 2.35: 1 frame most of the time shows the top of the 1.78: 1 frame, which is generally pointless. Especially in shots with kicks.
Cropping even gives the impression of being auto-framed with a fixed frame position almost at the top, although sometimes in 2.35: 1 at the top we can see even more ...

Is there a HDTV version in 1.78:1 available? That's something that could be fixed by reframing the movie shot by shot as I did with Avengers, but I am not aware of proper HD source.
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The Quest was shot Super 35 common top at 1.33:1 and intended for 2.35. The Australian R4 Universal DVD is 4:3 1.33 and shows more info on the bottom and a sliver on the top, but loses a tiny bit on the sides. The original Universal US DVD was non-anamorphic 2.35, while a opened up 1.78 anamorphic version of the same master was seen on the R2 UK Universal DVD. Apparently, the German, French, and Dutch releases were not from Universal and use different masters probably created by Imperial Entertainment/Digidreams. The DE and FR DVDs were 2.35 and the Dutch DVD uses that master opened up to 1.78:1.

Universal made a new HD master in the mid-2000s and is whats used on the US R1 anamorphic reissue (in a Vam Damme Fight Pack set) and the R2 Holland DVD, as well as on most BDs (including the German BD with additional denoising and sharpening). Apparently, Universal's current HD master is misframed with most shots hanging too low, while all the older widescreen releases including the DE/FR/DT DVDs were framed properly.

Most versions on streaming places are OAR based on Universal's master. I think there was a HDTV print in the US that was 1.78, but it was edited for broadcast and time compressed I think.
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I've seen some older widescreen DVD once and from what I remember framing looked wrong there too, because I was expecting blu-ray to have some problems Unfortunately I was right.

Now I've found some screenshots from some polish DVD edition and it looks like that:
[Image: ikRQiY7.jpg]
And wide/fullscreen comparison:
[Image: rXqqYmy.jpg]

Not sure about it, I'll try to make some screenshots from blu-ray to compare with above pics.


Some screenshot from Blu-ray for comparison:

[Image: 33c47f1335839910.jpg] [Image: afac531335839916.jpg] [Image: 3a61ae1335839922.jpg] [Image: 595f6c1335839927.jpg] [Image: 5b4b6c1335839930.jpg]

Looks like you were right, this old master DVD is better framed than blu-ray.
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I have a WEB DL Open Matte Amazon with this movie.
I've found some comparisons, it looks like what I intended to do is not possible anyway Undecided

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(2020-03-02, 07:53 PM)Gieferg Wrote: I've found some comparisons, it looks like what I intended to do is not possible anyway Undecided


It's always possible to do an UAR version, though...
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