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Return of the Jedi: Revisited Donation Request
Could any of you please help to donate money to this person? He is working on Adywan's "Return of the Jedi: Revisited" fan edit, and he needs the money for a new camera that was stolen from him a few months ago. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks given by: TomArrow
That's so sad. I don't get why people would do something like this.
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He's not even halfway through his goal yet.
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That really is terrible that someone had their camera stolen but I don't think this has anything to do with this site.

We can't have gofundme posted by a new member since there no way to independently verify the details. I'm going to close this thread and possibly delete it, unless the admins feel otherwise.
New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something. Stick around and become a participating member first.

Looking For:
Alien 1999 Master Japanese BSHI Broadcast 1080i mid 2000s
Blade Runner DC US HDTV Broadcast 1080i 2005 (blade.runner.1080i.dd5.1.oar)
Thanks given by: Chewtobacca , Feallan , spoRv

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