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Predator 1987 Fullscreen Laserdisc

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Hello everyone, I'm new one but from some times I love read and watch works from people who can't tolerate bad colors on our lovely movies.

I can't watch new version on BD my favorite movies like Aliens or Blade Runner , I hate teal Smile I'm big DVD collector:


But some time ago I discover versions of some my movies in fullscreen in Laserdisc, it is only LDRip but T2 Special Edition is one of best feelings when I watched (h264, 4 gb). But I wanna ask, if someone can help and rip laserdisc PAL of Predator 1987 in fullscreen???


Soon I write more about my feelings about movies.
I don't want make new topic, so I think, I will be write here about my feelings about fullscreen movies.

If someone need here is comparison:

T2 Theatrical Russian DVD PAL Fullscreen  vs  T2 Theatrical DVD PAL Widescreen

[Image: 698JiWC.jpg]
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I have that copy of the fullscreen version. I love how it's got great picture quality for Standard Definition (I think the resolution is 720 X 576), but I hate how the indoor-day color timing has a purple-ish tint to it, the aspect ratio is a little off, and of course, me being American who's used to 29.97 fps, the 24 fps means everything sounds a little higher in pitch to me.
#Tylerdurden389 I agree, that in a fullscreen colors are a little different, mostly scenes with red color. DVD PAL is 720x576, NTSC 720x480
I know original Aspect Ratio is important but very sad is that, we don't have any chance to see fullscreen on blu ray or normal dvd version.

I check some movies,  who fullscreen version is better. I mean is open matte or full frame, here is a list:

1. Kickboxer 1989 NTSC R1 America - Lions Gate Home Entertainment, but I notice interlaced

2. Beetlejuice 1988 UK PAL

3. Spies Like Us 1985 NTSC - quick comparsion DVD vs BD

[Image: Q5xnAo0.jpg]

4. Funny Farm 1988 NTSC

5. Split Second 1992 NTSC HBO - great s-f movie

6. Nothing But Trouble 1991 NTSC, but qualty is average so I buy for lots of money Smile Valkenvania - german version of Nothing, nice 1.77 widescreen

7. I only find some LDRip of Double Impact who is fullscreen:

[Image: 2f7c698d15b9eb970596f140231dc0fa.png]

DVD UK PAL widescreen

[Image: ac99bd94c951e8ddce00abedad3ae4ea.jpg]

8. Jurassic Park 1993 NTSC fullscreen

9. Quest 1996 - polish DVD fullscreen

10. Predator 1987 NTSC fullscreen

11. Batman 1989 and Batman Returns 1992 NTSC
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Yes the T2 full screen is squeezed a bit, I converted it to 23.976 and adjusted the soundtrack to the right pitch.
(2020-03-15, 08:58 PM)Stamper Wrote: Yes the T2 full screen is squeezed a bit, I converted it to 23.976 and adjusted the soundtrack to the right pitch.

May I ask how? I plan on fixing my copy as well (both the AR and the pitch).
You have some tutorials in here. Basically you extract the audio, convert to wav with audacity, slow it down to -4,096 using change speed, then export as AC3 again in a bigger size (use 448 or 640 kbps) to avoid audio damage.

For the video, you need to fix bitstream to 24/0001 using mkv toolnix or other.
Guys, Like Stamper wrote You can change audio to 23.976 in audacity, You can also use BeSweet to change 25 tp 23.976 but this program change a little tone of the voice to a lower, so after change fps You can in audacity change ton to higher.

But I have other problem how to change NTSC video to PAL.

I make mkv file with vobs, than next in tx muxer ( my tv play m2ts file with vobs, from pendrive ) but if i change in tx muxer frame rate from 23.976 to 25 (sometimes use remove pulldown) always is desynchro of audio. So I think problem is pulldown?

If I convert DVD to avi or h264 - than I have 23.976, I can change to 25 fps. And next add audio with 25fps and is always good synchro.

Any idea how quick and easy change DVD NTSC to PAL
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It's always best to stay away from audio slow downs if it can be avoided by using a proper source.
Predator BD vs FS DVD NTSC:

[Image: sNRF0ws.jpg]

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