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Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X

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Specs were announced during these days... I read something about, and they seem both great consoles.

Even if my kids have PS4, I decided to wait for the PS5, due to the lack of UHD-BD player - that is present in both 9th gen consoles (as well as current Xbox).

So, in a way, it could be a nice deal - a gaming machine with an UHD-BD player included.

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As an Xbox One X and Game Pass Ultimate owner it's the Series X from day one for me. Cyberpunk 2077 will get an automatic upgrade to the Series X version as soon as it's available for free. Then there's the complete backwards compatibility with all the games I have on my Xbox One X including all the BC 360 and OG Xbox games. And if that wasn't enough they've only gone and added SDR to HDR conversion for all games.
I've got a PS4 and a Playstation Plus subscription.
Also I've got the Xbox One X, but no Gaming Pass for that.

But I think I'll wait some month in hope for a PS5 pro release. Or a slim version...
Also the new Xbox has to wait...
This time I am not so eager to get a new console.
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PS5 was what I was waiting for. I got a ps4 slim only for rdr2 and a black friday sale.

But the lack of rumored backward compatibility for 1-3 means I'm back to thinking I'll get one if they drop low enough in price or only if there's a game I really REALLY want.

PS3 is still my main BD player. I play some games on ps4 and it runs faster but the UI is far lesser compared to the PS3 interface.
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I think PS3 backward compatibility is something we never will see on any upcoming Playstation.
Because the differences in processor architecture for the cpu.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
My goodness, it's the tenth generation already? I'm getting old.
The PS5 reveal was pretty sexy in my opinion. I will not be getting the Digital Edition though Tongue. I hope this time the fan noises are not extremely loud Sad. Backwards compatibility better be true though...

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I will likely get a PS5.
I will buy the PS5 with the disc support.
I'm so used to play with physical games.
I'll get a PS5 eventually.

(2020-11-12, 02:02 AM)papill6n Wrote: I will buy the PS5 with the disc support.
I'm so used to play with physical games.
Same. I have a lot of PS4 games from Japan that don't always receive localisation, so I'd like to have backward compatibility for those discs.
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