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The Matrix 35mm Regrade?
For completeness' sake, here's the 2.0:

[Image: PbQa5OA.jpg]

Personally I agree there's something off about the grading, but I think you'd have to go back to the source to fix it.
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Italian 35mm print with English Cinema DTS & English LD PCM audio will be released one day?
Thanks given by: dvdmike
Where did that screenshot of the Italian print come from?
Finest kind.
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It's from a sample that's been posted some time ago. The purpose was to show the intermission card that came up right after this scene.
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No to Green!  Big Grin
[Image: T1ImQ0m.jpg] [Image: MN7izxx.jpg]
[Image: 6kAymqT.jpg] [Image: Ju1NZMh.jpg]
[Image: TaeBgGZ.jpg] [Image: Sb7B1Gj.jpg]
[Image: zjxcmYh.jpg]
Thanks given by: dvdmike , sebkarlbjork
(2020-03-23, 08:59 PM)ilovewaterslides Wrote: Here we go with the comparison Big Grin 

CAM rip

This is such a blast from the past. I used to have the CAMrip on a VHS back in 1999, alongside The Phantom Menace, with that "Z" moving around the screen every once in a while.
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I did a quick white balance correction of the v2.0 still with Neo and the spoon - I corrected a "greyish" area (hard to find in this still) and it becomes more like the Italian Print. 
Clearly the V2.0 version has more contrast and a bit more saturation.

But I dont know what Bill Pope decided to do on the analogue R G B grade - maybe it was more red/yellow then all can remember?

WB corrected V2.0 

Untouched V2.0
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla , marin888
(2020-04-09, 03:29 AM)marin888 Wrote:
No to Green!  Big Grin
[Image: T1ImQ0m.jpg] [Image: MN7izxx.jpg]
[Image: 6kAymqT.jpg] [Image: Ju1NZMh.jpg]
[Image: TaeBgGZ.jpg] [Image: Sb7B1Gj.jpg]
[Image: zjxcmYh.jpg]

What source is this, is it captured from a theater screening? I can see it has (burned in?) norwegian subtitles.
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Caps are from 16 or 35mm screening @ 8mm forum.
Thanks given by: sebkarlbjork
Looks way more like the original prints.

For some reason, the brothers (now sisters) completely messed the film on DVD, then further destroyed it with the sequel color timing recall.
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