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The Matrix 35mm Regrade?

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2.0 was a total botch job.
Insane contrast - so much detail missing.
There are many scenes that are still too yellow.
Some scenes just look so weird that I distrust the whole thing.

The person who did the scan had this to say about the print:
“I think many people will be surprised that their memory of the film doesn't match what is actually was in the cinema, it had a very blown-out, almost bleach bypass look in many scenes, with white burned out skies and a high contrast look.”

High contrast look - this don't mean that contrast must be pumped that much to insanity?

Screenshots V2

Maybe someone can fix it...
35mm V2 is released for Christmas 2015.
I think it would be sacrilege to leave it in this shape.
And of course to leave All scratches, dirt, and other damage in.

Original 1999 35mm print projection [No Green Tint!]
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The Matrix Original 35mm Transparency Slide 1999
[Image: ZRN0llj.jpg]
[Image: UDyAMJN.jpg]

[Image: gdGje3a.jpg]

Original 35mm Cells:

And whole bunch from Newer (Green tinted) Matrix 35mm Film Cell strips
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The "(Green tinted) Matrix 35mm Film Cell strips" are actually from an original 1999 print. The Matrix wasn't restruck as far as I know. Rereleases either used the same prints or DCPs. 
All the other pics you've posted are from trailers and weren't color timed. You can mostly tell they're trailers because they are open matte and not anamorphic. 
The remastered UHD Blu-ray is pretty close to the original print in term of colors.
Thanks for info!

But what about 2 youtube videos ''Original 1999 35mm print projection [No Green Tint!]''?

[Image: XOoxgRu.jpg]

Preservazione di Matrix in italiano a partire da pellicola 35mm possibile!

Preservation of Matrix in Italian starting from 35mm film possible!

Un nostro carissimo amico americano ci ha detto di possedere una copia italiana in 35mm del film Matrix, del 1999, che è in procinto di digitalizzare in HD.

A very dear American friend of ours told us that he owns an Italian 35mm copy of the 1999 film Matrix, which is about to digitize in HD.

January 28, 2016 By Evit

Whole text is in Italian:

People usually say "no green tint" because the first Blu-ray was a mess. It was way too green. It even affected the skin tones. As you can see from those strips, the film is supposed to be a bit greenish during some scenes but it was subtle. Nowhere as bad as what the first Blu-ray looked like.
You also get people who think that the first DVD master is how The Matrix looked on film (yellow hue). That's just nonsense.
Gotta be honest, sometimes, just for laughs, I watch that timestamped/watermarked version that has (as far as I can remember) no tint/color timing changes at all.
That's me, my blog. Yes. How can I help you? Big Grin
Hi Evit

Is that print have green tint ?  Huh
It's not literally in my hands, I just helped a buyer overseas to buy it from Italy. And I don't really have material to show. If anyone has the UHD version of the scene where Neo bends the spoon I try compare them but if I remember correctly, it turned out to be a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, so I don't know how faithful the colors might be.
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Here we go with the comparison Big Grin 

In order: CAMrip | Italian print | UHD BD

CAM rip

Italian print


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