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The Matrix Cinema DTS synced to UHD
To anyone who has the C-DTS for The Matrix

Is there any chance to get it synced to the UHD BD?

Side question: How does the C-DTS compare to the True-HD 5.1 from the first BD?
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Don't wanna do it myself, but I can provide it to whoever wants to do that. Shouldn't be too hard to do.
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It's already synced as far as I remember. The Cinema mix sounds much more dynamic than the old True-HD mix. The one on the new UHD BD is closer to the Cine mix but suffers from a few pitch fluctuations here and there.
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The UHD only has an Atmos mix. Warner didn't include the old 5.1 or actual theatrical mix.
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There is RERIP.1080p DTS-HD.MA.7.1-SWTYBLZ
Encoded from 4k bluray. Proper settings.
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(2020-03-25, 03:04 AM)marin888 Wrote: There is RERIP.1080p DTS-HD.MA.7.1-SWTYBLZ
Encoded from 4k bluray. Proper settings.

Original mix is 5.1. So 7.1 would be from the new Atmos mix. No point in that.

So please keep on topic: Cinema DTS
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Hi Bendermac, the cinema DTS is already in sync with the UHD, since it shares the same timecodeĀ as the old BD. If need the track, just shoot me a PM.
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