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The Matrix Cinema DTS synced to UHD

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To anyone who has the C-DTS for The Matrix

Is there any chance to get it synced to the UHD BD?

Side question: How does the C-DTS compare to the True-HD 5.1 from the first BD?
Don't wanna do it myself, but I can provide it to whoever wants to do that. Shouldn't be too hard to do.
It's already synced as far as I remember. The Cinema mix sounds much more dynamic than the old True-HD mix. The one on the new UHD BD is closer to the Cine mix but suffers from a few pitch fluctuations here and there.
The UHD only has an Atmos mix. Warner didn't include the old 5.1 or actual theatrical mix.
There is RERIP.1080p DTS-HD.MA.7.1-SWTYBLZ
Encoded from 4k bluray. Proper settings.
(2020-03-25, 03:04 AM)marin888 Wrote: There is RERIP.1080p DTS-HD.MA.7.1-SWTYBLZ
Encoded from 4k bluray. Proper settings.

Original mix is 5.1. So 7.1 would be from the new Atmos mix. No point in that.

So please keep on topic: Cinema DTS
Hi Bendermac, the cinema DTS is already in sync with the UHD, since it shares the same timecodeĀ as the old BD. If need the track, just shoot me a PM.
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