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Hitchcock original audio thread
This thread is for original audio on Hitchcock titles. This has been inspired by today’s discovery: certain Hitchcock films were released in Japan on LD with digital audio as the last part of the “Hitchcock library” collection!

I’ve been able to verify so far: Blackmail, Rebecca and...Vertigo. The latter two I just unboxed and checked out. Vertigo is the same master as the analog only pan n scan USA LD but with a pcm mono track that sounds like the dvd and bd track but so far to my ears better...

Now to fly and get a capture device stat...
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Here's a small review/comparison of the blu ray/DVD sound of Rear Window:

According to him, DVD seems to be better, but still distorted in the heights. What about LD?
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Awesome find, captainsolo Big Grin
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