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[proposal] The Lone Gunmen - TV series (2001)
As there is no HD version - and probably will never be - I thought to use the PaNup technique to upscale both PAL and NTSC DVDs to have more details than any current edition... I need the PAL DVDs, preferably both french and spanish, to add those two languages to the english audio track.

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I'd like to see that. I remember enjoying the show and with the X-Files being remastered in HD, it might be a nice companion.
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At least, if X-files series will not be released on BD (remote option), it will be always possible to get the HDTV version and make a restoration...
Plus, as I don't think Millennium series will ever be released on BD, a PaNup version could be made for it, too - this time I'll need the NTSC DVDs!
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That reminds my I have to go back and watch Millennium. I would be more interested in that then the Lone Gunman.
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There are 1080i HDTV rips of several X-Files posted on various torrent sites. The video looks fantastic, but there are a few issues. Because these were broadcast in a non-English speaking country (Germany, I believe), pretty much any text that appears on screen is not in English (title card, location text in the lower left hand corner of the picture) and there are no end credits either. Also, the text that does appear, is not the same font that appears on the original.
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I'm aware of them, but AFAIK no Lone Gunmen HDTV or HD web download exist...
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I think the last time I watched this show it was 320x240 Sad

Would love a high def version.
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