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[versions] Star Wars I...VI UHD-BD vs BD - size and resolution
Thoughts based on comparisons found on Caps-a-holic:

I do not take in account contrast (due to wrong HDR-to-SDR conversion, I hope) or colors here, but only frame size and resolution.

EP I, II, III: UHD-BDs have the exact same resolution of BDs, but have a tiny less image on both top and bottom, and both sides are slightly cut and stretched.

EP IV: UHD-BD has higher resolution than BD, and more image on both left and right, but less on top and bottom.

EP V: UHD-BD has higher resolution than BD, but less image on all sides.

EP VI: UHD-BD has higher resolution than BD, and more image on left, but less on right, top and bottom.
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