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Ripping DVDs and Blu-Rays Help

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This may seem like a noob question but what's the easiest way to rip DVDs and Blu-Rays to digital?
MakeMKV if you wanna have lossless rips of discs (you'll need a drive obviously).
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(2020-04-22, 07:03 AM)MeanjohnRambo Wrote: what's the easiest way to rip DVDs and Blu-Rays to digital?

What is "to digital" supposed to mean? The content on DVDs and Blu-rays is digital to begin with and normally stays in that domain until one actually "consumes" the content.

The so-called "ripping" is then rather a matter of "reading/decrypting/storing" and in the case of MakeMKV repacking all the stuff from the M2TS container into the Mastroska one.
DVDDecrypter and MakeMKV are the best programs to have for ripping.
DVDDecrypter is still great, but very out of date. My go to program for older discs, but some more modern ones may not rip properly.
AnyDVD is good as well.
MakeMKV is great.
Did MakeMKV just stop being "beta" and free?
Maybe this helps a bit:

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