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Help resyncing "The Terminator"

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Hey everyone

I need some help, as I'm either doing something wrong and/or missing something.

What I want to accomplish is take my 2012 Blu-ray of "The Terminator" and add the mono mix.

I've read the thread HERE on Original Trilogy, and I've eventually aquired the following mixes which all run for 1:47:24.

- T1 mono 1995 Image LD Team Blu.dts
- T1 mono sync Chace Remix 1985.aac
- T1 mono sync 2001 SE DVD.aac

So, since I have them, I thought "Why not add them all to give me the ultimate choice on the fly. I want to also keep in the 5.1 remix."

I am using tsmuxer to do this. It works, but it's out of sync. The reason being is that the MGM Lion Logo is not present on the 00000.m2ts file. It goes straight to the Orion logo. When I put the Blu-ray into a player, of course it shows the MGM logo. On the disc. this is a separate track, it seems.

So, I tried adding a delay that is suggested on the OT thread, which is +8950. I would think if anything, I need to go -8950. -8950 gives me better results, so I just need to know the correct delay which I will have to work out.

Then, this will leave me with a blank screen while the audio for the MGM logo appears. Not ideal, but it gives me an alternative choice, I can live with the MGM logo, but how do I add it from the other stream... there's actually the following streams on the disc.

00000.m2ts - the film itself, starts with the Orion logo and runs 1:47:03
00001.m2ts - lasts for 1 second and is just blank
00002.m2ts - MGM logo that lasts for 7 seconds
00003.m2ts - MGM logo that starts with a cats eye that lasts for 16 seconds

Now, if I go through TMPGEnc and add the main title, I get the full MGM logo and film in one track - 1:47:18 - but I also get an error saying all audio tracks can be decoded, and I'm left with Spanish and other languages. I can output the video, so I can get the raw video, and I can add the mono mixes - but I lose the 5.1 mix, which seems to be only 1:47:03 long.

Is there an easier way to do this? It's been driving me nuts all day.
Compare the waveforms to get the best results. Use your audio editor of choice.
Wait, I think I know what the problem is. I opened the stream in tsmuxer, I need to open the playlist... muxing now. Fingers crossed.
Get makemkv, it will produce an mkv of the film with the logo included.
It didn’t for me, but I managed to solve the issue. I just selected the playlist on tsmuxer and not the stream. Now I have 3 different mono tracks and the 5.1 on the Blu-Ray file and I’m happy.

Thanks for your help!

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