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Death Machine 1994 Looking for right color grading

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I want your help. I have Death Machine 1994 German DVD, I love this movie and my version is uncut. But I want find right color grading.

This is my version:

[Image: V4lhNVB.jpg]

Like you see in some scenes there are too much blue color.  I know it is BD version but I prefere more my DVD.

Here are screens from, I think US DVD 4:3

[Image: deathmachine04.jpg]

[Image: deathmachine05.jpg]


In the scene with the elevator, the color is most different.

[Image: vx4LCvJ.jpg]

So my request is, if someone have US DVD or Laserdisc or any VHS, please give some screens for comparison.
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After a quick attempted search for any 35mm images or footage online, I've found that there's a German trailer that appears to be from a 35mm print source of some kind from the looks of its. Though the colors are still heavy in the blues (seems to be an intentional creative choice kind of like what James Cameron did for Terminator 2), there are some notable differences from at least the Retro Trailers video you posted, such as the stronger yellow lighting at the start and darker shadows–likely resultant of the print stock contrast.
If you were to do an "accurate" regrade of the movie, I believe this is at least a good place to start.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
UK DVD (111m cut) Vs DE Universum DVD (117m uncut):
DE BD vs DE Universum DVD (both uncut):

What I would do:
  • the BD has DTS-HD MA 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks for both English and German, so I would not bother to include JP LD track, but I would add French, Italian and Spanish tracks - possibly 5.1 if they exist
  • as UK DVD has the bigger frame size, I'd merge it with BD to get bigger frame and best resolution
  • I'd use DE DVD as color reference - IMHO the nicest
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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#LucasGodzilla this deutsch trailer looks very similar to my GER DVD.

#spoRv I know this comparison, before I buy my DVD I check all version. UK is crap, US isn't Uncut. I have ENG audio for this DVD. Russian tracker have ISO of this DVD with ENG audio.

I just wondering what this movie looks on this laserdisc:

[Image: LaserDisc-Death-Machine-Japan-Only-Front800.jpg]

Polish VHS trailer:

I recommend this movie to all s-f fans. After Split Second 1992 and Hardware 1990, my top 3, B class s-f movies Smile
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Guys, I send You what I want in color grading but I do this only in graphic program ( i take screens) and use auto-balans color grey (choose point) and image color are change. But is it possible in professional video edition program? Priority is reduce blue color in some scenes. And make steel and all things what is normal grey to color without blue, In tv i try white balance and color - change it but If I change in one in other it looks horrible.

here is Death.Machine.DVD vs BD vs DVD Regrade (but only screens what I capture)

[Image: R3j4mQn.jpg]


Anybody Can help me? I love blue-red style of sf movies but better is what I have done, look at BD horrible teal and dark. Face skin color what i like is in screen with black glasses ( skin is health but not red [Image: wink.png]

The JP LD was meant to be the best version at one point.
I did have the UK dvd, but no idea if I still do I will look
dvdmike but I think UK is shorter version (there screens on sd capsoholick but site was close Sad, German is longest 117 min. But is it something called "color auto-balans" in video editing programs what You guys working in? Or only color correction one by one.

UK version? look at wall color in elevetor scene Wink

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I've only seen this movie once, a lovefilm rental of the UK DVD back in the day. Every time this thread pops up I think I should check it out again
zoidberg you should watch it immediately. Death Machine 1994, Split Second 1992 and Hardware 1990 is my top 3 Class B - cult S-F movies Wink
Guys, I Did IT Smile my first color correction:

I use rgbeq.2.2with_src this plugin for Virtual Dub and set: R and G Gamma (Yellow) on 60 val/luma and R and B Gamma (Magneta) on 20 val/luma and I think effect is for me is very good, I don't make it for each scene because I don't how do it in Virtual Dub, but It looks nice after all:

Part 1 (2 big screens):

[Image: 6HpLIjs.jpg]

[Image: MhKbizs.jpg]
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