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[Released] Hard Boiled Criterion Preservation
Awww got them confused LOL.
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Thanks for all these awesome releases.
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Actually, they both did Titanic didn't they? Hence the confusion.
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(2020-05-11, 10:33 PM)bendermac Wrote: If someone goes the Criterion LD route for a remaster, I have the untouched BD video of the JAP BD. Might be more useful then an already worked on file Smile
I'd be glad to take a shot at it, but I don't have a reference for the LD.  Smile

Although if alleycat (or anyone else) would like to take on the project, I'm happy to concede.

Edit: will take on the project.
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wow great work! great cover, I used to do custom covers for dvds a long time ago. Images look great and the menu is a nice touch. One of my all time fav movies. Its a shame the big companies dont give these films the love they deserve on releases. Thanks again for your time on doing this.
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Did anyone ever extracted the HArd Boiled Video that came with the US "Strangehold" Game on PS3? It was on the same disc, as the game, so just playable from the game on PS3. (Maybe also on XBox360 Version, but I just owned the PS3 Version)
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I think only the limited edition 'Stranglehold' came with that? I have the standard edition PS3 version but I don't believe 'Hard Boiled' is on my disc.

This review (of 'Stranglehold') suggests that the transfer included was not in the best shape:
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It wa sjust the limited. I have that.
Its the Same Company as did the US BluRay (Dragon Dynasty) so its the same transfer. MAYBE its a bit different encoded than the BD. Thats why I ask.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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That's fair. I'd like to know for sure too, but that review leads me to think that the standalone BD could be better.

I'd hope that the limited edition disc used a BD50, at least.
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I do not have my Limited Edition BD at hand for now. I can check Disc in September, if I can locate it.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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