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Hy there

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just wanted to introduce myself briefly..

I have been doing "some videostuff" since I was a kid - went all the way from analog tape stuff to nowadays AI Upscaling interests, tweaked old Celeron motherboards "back then" for realtime MPEG Encoding, hacked my DVD Player to support SVCDS, still have some capture cards lying around (pinnacle DC... anyone?) and had some routes into the professional domain. Mostly its hobby and is flanked by a strong interest in computers in general as well as Audiorelated stuff...

At the moment, my focus is on "what to do with all this old stuff" Smile So I found this forum... I am investigating AI-Uspcaling, doing some betatests for some commercial products, would love to find time to get my capture rig out again and I am thinking of trayning my own models for restauration... Had some Linux machines back then, I am able to fiddle Win7Pro on a Server by tweaking the install media, so I know my way around, but it´s not daily business, so some things just take time...

Let´s see what can be done with "the old stuff".

Thanx for having me here!

It seems you are very passionate guy! Ok
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Thanx guys for the welcome Smile

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