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[Released] Mortal Kombat Special Edition
[Image: AL1Uqxu.jpg]

Another project complete – I thought this was going to be nice and simple but it wasn’t! I acquired a disc many years ago full of vintage special features, however it turns out it had many different issues. All of the 4:3 was authored with a 16:9 header, all of the audio was 5.1 with the extra channels empty and everything was out of sync. The TV documentary in particular was progressively out of sync and then when each commercial break occurred, the level of out of sync changed. The only way to fix it was to split it into commercial break segment, fix them one at a time by adjusting the audio length then recombining them – that alone took a week.

The main issue with this project is the audio. I had to use the DTS from the blu ray which is lacking in comparison to the laserdisc DTS. Unfortunately that disc is quite expensive but if anyone has it and is able to capture the DTS I would be happy to release a Version 2.

• BD25 with animated menus, background video, pop up menus and resume function
• Video taken from the Blu Ray
• English DTS, French AC3 and Spanish AC3 taken from the Blu Ray
• Commentary track from the laserdisc featuring Producer Lawrence Kasanoff and Visual Effects Supervisor Alison Savitch
• English, French and Spanish Subtitles
• A Journey Behind The Scenes
• Behind The Dragon TNT Special
• Behind Some Scenes Featurette
• British Premiere Featurette
• LA Premiere
• Siskel & Ebert Review
• 3 TV Interviews with Christopher Lambert
• Theatrical Trailer, Theatrical Trailer Workprint and 5 TV Spots
• Custom Cover, Disc Art and 8 page booklet featuring the Hollywood Reporter interview

PM me for the links, contributing/long term members only please. The photos below of the menu aren't great as the only way I could get them is from my phone while the disc is playing, software players disabled the screenshot function.

[Image: WuZhBW4.jpg]

[Image: wK9OwIh.jpg]

[Image: G7Cdz8T.jpg]

[Image: aur0xtL.jpg]
This project has been upgraded to Version 2 and now contains the DTS track from the laserdisc. The DTS was captured by Alinskey, the headers were fixed by pipefan413 and I then converted it to wav, synced it, resampled it to 48000 and dithered using auto blanking. Thanks to Alinskey for the capture and also a massive thanks to pipefan413, who has been very patient with me and given me a crash course on what dithering is, when to dither and how to dither.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , spoRv , Inq81 , BDgeek , Hitcher
Excellent, looks very good alleycat!

BTW, did you keep the Blu-ray DTS on version 2 or did you just replace the tracks?

Congratulations! You've been very prolific with so many great looking projects!
Thanks given by: alleycat
(2021-01-23, 06:54 PM)BDgeek Wrote: Excellent, looks very good alleycat!

BTW, did you keep the Blu-ray DTS on version 2 or did you just replace the tracks?

Congratulations! You've been very prolific with so many great looking projects!

Thanks BDgeek much appreciated Smile I replaced it so on V2 it’s just the LD audio.
Thanks given by:
Watched this in anticipation of the remake. A great project all around. Thanks again alleycat.
New, low or non-posting members: Please do not post or PM me asking where to get something or what the current status of a project is. Such requests are ignored. Instead, stick around and become a participating member. Thank you.

Thanks given by: alleycat

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