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Hong Kong Rescue #3: Drunken Master 2

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Note: I figure many people here already know about our releases, but I wanted to post about them for people who are not familiar with our work.

[Image: C6qiLfSorrJhw1LmTX4iuOy3tHWB0hnPeNlkXpMu...wOOC=w1064]
[Image: fqBKiFDNmlt32KG32iflngvBQvxIybD9gEEsWCQp...2eBj=w1064]
[Image: SoJeOkGz2GJTC73RyKBc37WblGmDhsq0joVvxUd0...U10s=w1064]

NEW 2019 Release!    

One of Jackie Chan's most beloved films, notoriously butchered on home video.  

Disc 1:  

At long last the completely uncut Hong Kong version was scanned and restored for Hong Kong and Japanese markets at the end of last year.  This new restoration is miles better than the previous transfer that we worked with on our previous HKR version. The aspect ratio is wider, there is more detail throughout the frame, and the colors and dramatically improved.  Most significantly, the original opening titles and the ending blind boxing scene have been unaltered, so they are presented with the same pristine clarity as the rest of the film.  In the previous version, HKR had to work quite hard to restore these scenes, using vastly inferior source material.  Also, new for the 2019 release: Bey Logan's excellent commentary!  This commentary is unavailable on any other home video release in the world.  Both the Hong Kong and Japanese cuts are presented on Disc 1.  

Audio Tracks:  

1. New Cantonese 2.0 LPCM  
2. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM  
3. Cantonese Surround Remix 5.1 Dolby  
4. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM  
5. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM  
6. Music and Sound Effects Only  
7. Bey Logan Commentary    

Disc 2 Special Features:  

1. The Miramax Version  

This is the US Theatrical release, re-titled "The Legend of Drunken Master".  

2. Jackie Chan Interview  

3. A Tribute to Jackie Chan  

4. A Look Back at Drunken Master  

5. Japanese TV Special  

6. Drunken Style in Films  

An exceptional short documentary about the portrayal of drunken style kung fu in martial arts films.  

7. Lau Kar-Leung Tribute  

8. Ti Lung Profile  

9. Films of Fury Promo  

10. Alternate "Drinking Scene" Comparison  

Most people don't know this, but the Mandarin print of Drunken Master 2 is cut very differently during the scene where Jackie is drinking and singing. This compares both verions of this scene, pointing out their differences.  

11. Lunar New Years Introduction  

Jackie would film market-specific introductions for his films when they debuted in Asian markets.  

12. Sally Yeh TV Special  

13. Make a Difference  

Highlighting Jackie's philanthropic work.  

14. My Path to Success  

15. Audio Mix Comparison  

This short documentary compares the difference in the audio mixes of the original Cantonese and the US English dub. The rhythm of the fight scenes are different between the two.  

16. Promotional Archive  

An AMAZING collection of all the interviews Jackie did to promote this film, both in 1994 and 1995 when it was released in Hong Kong AND in 2000 when it was released in the United States. Interviews with Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian and many more are contained here.  

17. Image Gallery  

A spectacular animated slideshow with some video that shows very rare behind-the-scenes shots and so much more.  

18. Opening Titles Restoration  

A demonstration of Hong Kong Rescue's restoration of the original opening titles.  

19. "Blind Boxing" Scene Restoration  

A demonstration of Hong Kong Rescue's restoration of the ending "blind boxing" scene.  

20. Music Videos  

Music videos for Jackie's songs from the soundtrack.  

21. Trailer Gallery  

22. Video Game Promo  

23. Hong Kong Rescue Trailer

What Other People Are Saying About Hong Kong Rescue:
Note: I'm withholding the names of the individuals who sent me these messages at their request.
Message 1:
"I received three blu rays from you recently. As a long-time lover of Hong Kong film I am over the moon by what you have put together here. The love and dedication are very obvious, as well as your thoughtfulness on things to include and to do with these releases. You are literally saving some of these films for generations to come - these are the discs of these films I will show my kids, and I know many others will be doing the same thing. They will become the standard versions of these movies as time goes by, I am sure. I am a film editor and know very well the massive work this must have taken you to pull off. Please know it does not go unappreciated, and these efforts will echo for many people for a very long time.
As somebody who also has had to deliver items of this fashion to others on my own, I also want you to know I understand the difficulties this must bring to a single individual trying to handle. So please, know that there are some people out there who definitely "get it". In the end, I got the discs I ordered, I absolutely love them, and I really, really appreciate what you have done here. This is one of the greatest bits of film preservation I have ever seen, and I will definitely be ordering more from you."
Message 2:
"I received my Blu-ray for Police Story in the mail a few days ago and I love it! You've outdone yourself with this amazing re-release."
Message 3:
"I just wanted to tell you that your new Police Story release is absolute perfection; beyond my wildest dreams and expectations even. Your restoration and de-subtitling of the unique Japanese print footage and seamless melding with and re-editing of the restored HK print is nothing short of astonishing. AND, your custom edit of the awesome Criterion mono Canto track restoration mixed with the necessary bits of the Pony Canyon LD track is the icing on the cake — sounds spectacular and even gives us the breakdancing music during Jackie’s moonwalk, my pet request!!!
Incredible job, thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!"
Message 4:
"Wow I am really really impressed with your updated version of the JP version of PS. How did you manage to erase the sidetitles on the JP version? It looked so seamless. I didn't know there was any copy around of the JP version without the burnt-in subs hehe. Very nice work indeed!"
Message 5:
"Hello there, I just wanted to reply and tell I could not be more satisfied with my copy of Hard Boiled! It is everything I anticipated. And let me just say your packaging was amazing! I honestly didn’t expect such professional grade packaging. That’s not a backhanded compliment or anything lol...just way better than some custom blus I’ve gotten in the past. Everything from the menus down to the two sides cover was top notch. And the movie itself was as advertised, blew every other edition I’ve seen, owned or heard about completely out of the water. I definitely plan to order other titles in the future (Drunken Master most likely), and I can’t freaking WAIT for your edition of The Killer, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Fantastic work you’re doing, please keep it up!"
Message 6:
"The quest for the perfect editions of John Woo classics in HD continues... This could be the one for Hard Boiled... Holy shit...this is amazing. The print is great, sourced from a Japanese release, minimal grain in the dark scenes, multiple soundtracks and commentaries, I checked it out with the Criterion LD audio and it sounded pure perfection !! The subtitles have been properly translated too from a person that is fluent in Cantonese ! Loads of extras collected from other releases including the longer (20 mins+ more) Taiwanese version.... Took just over a week for delivery, I'll definitely be grabbing more of their stuff."
Message 7:
"I am just emailing to say what an amazing purchase the Hard Boiled Hong Kong Rescue Blu Ray was. I first watched this film on vhs many years ago and then purchased it on dvd (tartan extreme version) and cannot day how thrilled I am to watch it in such a high quality format. The picture quality is second to none and is akin to watching a brand new film. Gone are the washed out, grainy and dark textures that I have been so used to viewing. John Woo was one of my favourite directors growing up, making all other action films (especially those outside Asia) pale in comparison. I really look forward to you rescuing both The Killer and A Better Tomorrow (those will complete my holy trinity of heroic bloodshed films that I have loved for so long!)
Keep up the good work, you are doing things that some of the bigger studios should have done a long time ago!"
Message 8:
"I got my copy of the new HKR version of SUPER COP yesterday..., but I was too busy to check it until today on my lunch break. The discs work perfectly. I previously purchased the original HKR SUPER COP release, but decided to get the new upgrade and planned to give my son my old copy. Wow, I was not disappointed- SUPER COP has never looked better! The color upgrading is impressive. I saw the Hong Kong version projected in 35mm, and later, when Dimension put out the US release I saw that theatrically as well. I have always thought that the home video releases looked a little yellow and sickly, and was surprised because I remembered it looking quite vibrant in the theater. How nice to see it popping with natural colors once again. I think I may actually get another copy of SUPER COP V2.0 instead of giving my son the original one, because he appreciates a quality presentation and after seeing the difference I don't want him to see the original, shoddy-colors version now.
My son (who was born the year after the film came out) hasn't seen it yet, and we were excited about watching it together. But now with the pandemic going on, even though he lives less than 15 minutes away, to stay safe, we can't. But it'll be worth the wait."
This look fantastic. Where can i get this from?
May I have a Link?
May I have a Link?

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