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Hong Kong Rescue #8: Armour of God

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@jrodefeld, gaining profit from fan projects is strictly prohibited here on fanres.

Note: I figure many people here already know about our releases, but I wanted to post about them for people who are not familiar with our work.

[Image: 4N3l0Uv_oxLYKa6yjM76gO9eOPhSnk-MkD9-yQ-Z...poUQ=w1064]
[Image: DUi_k6ZlWLAGpwfGADYm8FsAfUNrtWmSQlX7bDLp...lm0_=w1064]
[Image: YZMePyIgif2ng90iCzK1Kt-mGye7SL_BFeAPtZYU...8BjA=w1064]

Brand new November 2018 release!  

Restoration and Color Correction:  

We used two sources to restore the original theatrical version. We used two genuine HD sources, one uncut and the other heavily edited. After careful inspection we concluded that the edited version had superior colors and detail, but it was also dirtier. The uncut version looked okay, but the colors were washed out and the color grade was too blue.  So we removed the dirt from the edited source using Digital Vision Phoenix and spliced in the missing scenes from the uncut version. Then we had to carefully match the color grade to make the two sources look as seamless as possible. The results are very impressive.  Finally, the original opening titles had to be restored by combining the two sources. Similar to what we did with Drunken Master 2, but with even better results. This single thing took several weeks and many hours to end up looking seamless.  The result is the best looking version of Armour of God that is available.  

Uncut Hong Kong Version 

Audio Tracks:  

1. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (HK Star Laserdisc)  
2. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Pony Canyon Laserdisc)  
3. New English Dub 5.1 Dolby (Hong Kong Legends DVD)  
4. Cantonese Surround Remix 7.1 (Kam & Ronson BD)  
5. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM (Deltamac DVD)  
6. "Podcast on Fire" Commentary    

Miramax Version 

Audio Tracks:  

1. Miramax English Dub 2.0 DTS-HD (Miramax BD)  
2. Original English Dub 2.0 LPCM (Pony Canyon Laserdisc)  
3. Original Cantonese 2.0 LPCM (HK Star Laserdisc)  
4. New English Dub 5.1 Dolby (Hong Kong Legends DVD)  
5. Cantonese Surround Remix 7.1 DTS-HD (Kam & Ronson BD)  
6. Mandarin 2.0 LPCM (Deltamac DVD)    

Ending Credits Song and Lyrics Subtitles  As we've previously done, we got proper English subtitles created for three songs that play during the film. Those songs are: "Friend of Mine", "Lorelei" and "High Upon High"  Additionally, you can choose whether you prefer to have "Lorelei" or "High Upon High" play during the ending credits/outtakes. The reason for this is that some versions of Armour of God had one song or the other playing over the credits depending on the country it was released in.  This is the only version of Armour of God that provides both versions, for both the original English dub and the original Cantonese audio.    

Disc 2 Special Features  

1. Image Gallery (HKR Exclusive)  
2. Restoration & Color Correction  
3. Under the Armour (HKR Exclusive)  
4. Jackie Chan Interview 
5. Willie Chan Interview  
6. Outtakes  
7. Trailer Gallery  
8. Promotional Archive  
9. That Same Question  
10. Fan Tributes  
11. Traces of a Dragon  
12. Jackie's Oscar  
13. Officially Amazing  
14. This is Jackie Chan  
15. There is Only One  
16. Comedy Special  
17. HK Cinema 101  
18. Charitable Chan  
19. "Sing Lung" Sings  
20. Working with Jackie  
21. Hong Kong Rescue    

Too much great stuff to mention individually, but as always Darren's exclusive material is incredible. Two 50gb discs have been filled to capacity. The entire project has been tweaked and polished to perfection, or as close as I can possibly come.  You'll love it.

What Other People Are Saying About Hong Kong Rescue:
Note: I'm withholding the names of the individuals who sent me these messages at their request.
Message 1:
"I received three blu rays from you recently. As a long-time lover of Hong Kong film I am over the moon by what you have put together here. The love and dedication are very obvious, as well as your thoughtfulness on things to include and to do with these releases. You are literally saving some of these films for generations to come - these are the discs of these films I will show my kids, and I know many others will be doing the same thing. They will become the standard versions of these movies as time goes by, I am sure. I am a film editor and know very well the massive work this must have taken you to pull off. Please know it does not go unappreciated, and these efforts will echo for many people for a very long time.
As somebody who also has had to deliver items of this fashion to others on my own, I also want you to know I understand the difficulties this must bring to a single individual trying to handle. So please, know that there are some people out there who definitely "get it". In the end, I got the discs I ordered, I absolutely love them, and I really, really appreciate what you have done here. This is one of the greatest bits of film preservation I have ever seen, and I will definitely be ordering more from you."
Message 2:
"I received my Blu-ray for Police Story in the mail a few days ago and I love it! You've outdone yourself with this amazing re-release."
Message 3:
"I just wanted to tell you that your new Police Story release is absolute perfection; beyond my wildest dreams and expectations even. Your restoration and de-subtitling of the unique Japanese print footage and seamless melding with and re-editing of the restored HK print is nothing short of astonishing. AND, your custom edit of the awesome Criterion mono Canto track restoration mixed with the necessary bits of the Pony Canyon LD track is the icing on the cake — sounds spectacular and even gives us the breakdancing music during Jackie’s moonwalk, my pet request!!!
Incredible job, thank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!"
Message 4:
"Wow I am really really impressed with your updated version of the JP version of PS. How did you manage to erase the sidetitles on the JP version? It looked so seamless. I didn't know there was any copy around of the JP version without the burnt-in subs hehe. Very nice work indeed!"
Message 5:
"Hello there, I just wanted to reply and tell I could not be more satisfied with my copy of Hard Boiled! It is everything I anticipated. And let me just say your packaging was amazing! I honestly didn’t expect such professional grade packaging. That’s not a backhanded compliment or anything lol...just way better than some custom blus I’ve gotten in the past. Everything from the menus down to the two sides cover was top notch. And the movie itself was as advertised, blew every other edition I’ve seen, owned or heard about completely out of the water. I definitely plan to order other titles in the future (Drunken Master most likely), and I can’t freaking WAIT for your edition of The Killer, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Fantastic work you’re doing, please keep it up!"
Message 6:
"The quest for the perfect editions of John Woo classics in HD continues... This could be the one for Hard Boiled... Holy shit...this is amazing. The print is great, sourced from a Japanese release, minimal grain in the dark scenes, multiple soundtracks and commentaries, I checked it out with the Criterion LD audio and it sounded pure perfection !! The subtitles have been properly translated too from a person that is fluent in Cantonese ! Loads of extras collected from other releases including the longer (20 mins+ more) Taiwanese version.... Took just over a week for delivery, I'll definitely be grabbing more of their stuff."
Message 7:
"I am just emailing to say what an amazing purchase the Hard Boiled Hong Kong Rescue Blu Ray was. I first watched this film on vhs many years ago and then purchased it on dvd (tartan extreme version) and cannot day how thrilled I am to watch it in such a high quality format. The picture quality is second to none and is akin to watching a brand new film. Gone are the washed out, grainy and dark textures that I have been so used to viewing. John Woo was one of my favourite directors growing up, making all other action films (especially those outside Asia) pale in comparison. I really look forward to you rescuing both The Killer and A Better Tomorrow (those will complete my holy trinity of heroic bloodshed films that I have loved for so long!)
Keep up the good work, you are doing things that some of the bigger studios should have done a long time ago!"
Message 8:
"I got my copy of the new HKR version of SUPER COP yesterday..., but I was too busy to check it until today on my lunch break. The discs work perfectly. I previously purchased the original HKR SUPER COP release, but decided to get the new upgrade and planned to give my son my old copy. Wow, I was not disappointed- SUPER COP has never looked better! The color upgrading is impressive. I saw the Hong Kong version projected in 35mm, and later, when Dimension put out the US release I saw that theatrically as well. I have always thought that the home video releases looked a little yellow and sickly, and was surprised because I remembered it looking quite vibrant in the theater. How nice to see it popping with natural colors once again. I think I may actually get another copy of SUPER COP V2.0 instead of giving my son the original one, because he appreciates a quality presentation and after seeing the difference I don't want him to see the original, shoddy-colors version now.
My son (who was born the year after the film came out) hasn't seen it yet, and we were excited about watching it together. But now with the pandemic going on, even though he lives less than 15 minutes away, to stay safe, we can't. But it'll be worth the wait."

@jrodefeld, gaining profit from fan projects is strictly prohibited here on fanres.
I think you're moving on thin ice here. It's one thing to ask for donation to acquire certain assets, but selling the final product is movie pirating territory! The law is very strict on this and this can result in major trouble for this site.

How you move from here is up to you.
(2020-05-22, 04:56 PM)bendermac Wrote: I think you're moving on thin ice here. It's one thing to ask for donation to acquire certain assets, but selling the final product is movie pirating territory! The law is very strict on this and this can result in major trouble for this site.

How you move from here is up to you.

Just to clarify, I have and do give these projects away for free. Other people freely distribute them and they've shown up on torrent sites and other people have used assets from our projects on other custom projects. Before AsianDVDClub closed it's doors I had all of my custom projects uploaded there for free. Most people have asked me to print artwork, use the nice Criterion cases I have, burn the discs with disc art and send them a physical copy.

I will absolutely respect this site's policy in this regard. I do find it a tad inconsistent that others will ask and receive donations to work on custom projects like this but, so long as the end result is uploaded for "free", then no one minds. But if you ask for money enough to cover the expense of discs, paper, cases and ink, plus postage to send people a copy if they don't have the bandwidth to download, or ability to burn Blu-ray discs, then you've done something wrong. It just seems like money has been exchanged at a different point in the whole process but nothing is fundamentally different.

Leaving all that aside, I will give people this particular custom so those who are not familiar with us can judge for themselves.

Here's Armour of God:


Decryption key:


The entire thing is around 90gb so it'll take a while to download. Two ISO files and a folder with cover and disc art.

If you like it and are interested in our other work, just send me a PM and I'll help you get the rest.
We don't post public links either here on the forum.

Also you didn't need to post the user comments in each and every post Wink

A thread created to your collection only, updated regulary with the new projects, would be more practical than each release having it's own post.

Excellent work, BTW! Hard Boiled is awesome.
Thanks very much for sharing. Amazing job great to have original language and Jackie Chan on the Dub version. I would love to have a look at the of the Hong Kong rescue. You are doing a fantastic Job.
I want to thank you for the work and upload. I had seen the original print during my teenage years via a Rental VCD print years ago. I liked it and I purchased a copy 2 years ago, but that ended up being the newer English audio, which I absolutely did not like as it felt numb. I started to search and download this movie over these past 2 years and found the same audio stream everywhere, but in my mind I had this original music rhythm. I had lost hope finding it, when I suddenly landed up on this thread. Saw the download files were too large in size. Hesitantly, I gave it a try. Finally, I played it now and I feel so good to have found it and I cannot believe am hearing it again after so many years. Thanks a lot to you. Unfortunately, the file size is too big for me to store, so I have to downgrade/convert to MKV format or such, which I am trying now, but it seems a little complicated to me as this is the first time am dealing with blu-ray type of discs. Thanks again for your awesome work and upload!

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