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1970s UK Cinema Intermission - 35mm Scan

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A friend of mine tracked down an old 35mm intermission clip that used to play in UK cinemas. He collects and regularly watches 16mm films but had no way of watching or preserving 35mm, so when he heard about my Highlander 2 scan project he asked if I could help him get it scanned. 

In the end the scanner I used for H2 was more than happy to scan the short clip along with my reels, so it's now been preserved for posterity. 

[Image: wlr8dk9.png]

My friend has great nostalgia for this clip, he's got a lot of memories of seeing it playing in cinemas when he was a kid in the 70s. Apparently this particular version was specific to Odeon cinemas, but there's also a version for ABC cinemas that has different narration, music and Coke instead of Pepsi. My friend remembers seeing the ABC version right through to 1992! 

The clip was pretty faded and red so I did very quick and basic correction to bring the colours back so thought I'd share the results here. If anyone wants to see it just PM me for a link. 

My friend is a editor by trade so now that he has the raw film scans I'm sure he'll come up with a much better restoration. When he does I'll encourage him to share it here.
Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...

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