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Inferno 4-Track Italian Mix?
So I was poking around out of boredom and scrolling through a 35mm print inventory that was posted on another forum–where I've been more recently been able to make scanning efforts for some of the listed titles–when I noticed something that caught my eye.

Apparently within that collection, there's an Italian 35mm print of Dario Argento's Inferno with a 4-Track Stereo Mix.

Now as much as I would love to see this thing being scanned as a means of ending the questionable color grading debate (with the German trailer you can find on YouTube probably looking the most genuine to me personally?), it's most certainly not high on the list of other films that could be scanned (though by all means, if some Argento fan here wants to see that through, go right ahead and start a preservation / funding thread if you want; I'd be glad to try and help). However, it did make me wonder about something.

In all of the releases I've seen of the movie, I don't think I've ever seen the Italian track included in surround stereo, only mono. In fact, the only surround tracks I've heard of when it came to this movie before reading this listing were the English remixes (5.1 & 7.1) from over the years.

As such, I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about this mix? It kind of gets me wondering now if there was some old laserdisc release that actually has it or something.

If anyone knows anything, please respond, I'm quite curious how Keith Emerson's score sounds in this original mix and if it'd end up being a huge upgrade in comparison to the other mixes out there (like in the case of the 4-Track Stereo Mix for Suspiria thanks to Synapse).

[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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I keep expecting Inferno to get the 4k scan treatment from either arrow or blue underground. Blue underground have said they are doing 10 UHD titles in 2020, think about 6 or 7 have been announced so far.
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(2020-05-24, 11:48 PM)alleycat Wrote: I keep expecting Inferno to get the 4k scan treatment from either arrow or blue underground. Blue underground have said they are doing 10 UHD titles in 2020, think about 6 or 7 have been announced so far.

It would definitely be awesome to see that get a 4K scan treatment by Blue Underground, though admittedly, I'd much rather see them 4K scan something that hasn't really been touched in their catalog since DVD, like A Blade In The Dark (which the only HD master just looks absolutely horrendous as discussed here), The Black Belly Of The Tarantula, or Case of the Bloody Iris (hopefully to out-do Shameless).

Still though. If they end up doing Inferno again, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll find a better Italian audio source. I know they've been scouring around for other dubs for more recent releases as with the case of The New York Ripper 4K scan.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Yes blade in the dark would be great but there’s also the prowler, dead and buried and living dead at Manchester morgue from their catalogue. Think living dead has already been scanned , they were using it for theatrical screenings. I’m sure someone will do inferno at some point, it’s a popular Argento so demand shouldn’t be an issue.
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