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AVISynth AutoOverlay frame delay

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Thanks to spoRv, I now have two perfectly in sync sources that I can overlay. I did some manual editing of one to make sure it was frame perfect, but even though I did that it's a few frames out of sync.

[Image: mNmpdK6.png]

Is the fact that I'm using VirtualDub2 instead of AviSynth an issue? I couldn't get it to run in Avisynth 2.6 or AviSynth+. When this plugin works it works excellent! Hopefully I can get this finished and I can start to contribute instead of just asking questions..  Undecided
Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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Haha nope they were actually out of sync

EDIT: Nope nope again, I made one that's in sync and AutoOverlay is still showing it out of sync...
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It's possibly a decoding/seeking error. Render your sources to an intermediary codec, and then try AutoOverlay.
Yep! Re-encoded everything at exactly 23.976 fps and it works now. Thank you!
You're welcome. Most (free) decoders are best suited to straight (linear) renders to intermediary (all i-frame) codecs, to which complex (non-linear) processing can then be applied; otherwise, issues like those that you reported often result. High-quality indexers such as DGIndexNV largely obviate the need for intermediary files, although it's often still a good idea to break down one's workflow.
I concur, sounds like a seeking error. Here's some things that seem to usually work for me:
ffvideosource with H264 in MKV
MPEG-1/MPEG-2 in an .mpg or .m2v file with MPEG2Source & DGIndex as Chewtobacca said

.mp4 sometimes seems a source of trouble, and MPEG-1/MPEG-2 in ffvideosource too.
I'm now using directshowsource with H264 in MKV and it works fine.

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