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Scanning 8mm/Super8 Home Videos
@alleycat Found a "The Mountain of the Cannibal God" here: The German title is "Die weisse Goettin der Kannibalen". Is that what you meant?
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Thanks TomArrow, strange though only numbers 6, 8 and 12 are listed but Mountain seems to be 4. I found one for sale on facebook as well, that was €130 but the seller said he couldn't confirm anything about the colours as he doesn't have a projector. Is it as simple as asking the seller to hold the film up to the light and take a picture of it?

Might give this one a go if you are happy to transfer once you get your system set up?

Completely different way to watch The Blob, black and white, silent, with title cards and only 10 minutes running time. The print doesn't look too bad from the pictures.
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Ooh, you're right. I was wondering what the number meant, dumb me. I guess it's already sold then.

Sure, I'd be happy to do it. I would be asking for 50 cents per minute as a starting price. But the scanner is still not finished. Waiting for some adapters from Russia that are taking forever to get here and until then I don't even know if the projector I'm using will be giving truly stable results, so there's a tiny bit of risk involved, with the risk being that I might have to get a new projector and manually turn it into something usable, which might take quite some time.

Would you want to bid yourself and ship to me or do you want me to bid on it for you? I always set up a snipe on perfectsniper, that way it always bids the maximum desired amount in the last 5 seconds, which is ideal.

Well, holding it against the light and taking a picture works for 35mm and probably 16mm, but 8mm might actually be a little difficult depending on your camera because it's so tiny. So you might be able to see the colors, but the image would be so tiny that you wouldn't be able to tell if its actually a red fade or just a red scene... with a good lens it shouldn't be a problem, but how many people have that?

Edit / What most sellers do is take pictures from a canvas of the projected film, which works well enough to tell if there's red fade usually.
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Cannibal God but missing part 1:
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Thanks TomArrow - a reel from Jungle Holocause as well - didn't even know that one was released on Super 8. Unfortunately the chances of finding the missing reels I imagine are very slim.
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