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Scanning 8mm/Super8 Home Videos
Opps missed that one as well - actually went for a reasonable price, but then again the price required to beat the top bidder could have been a lot more. There is another on ebay buy it now, but €130 is just way too much. Also, like you say without images there is no way to know about the fading.
Thanks given by: TomArrow
Zombie, all 3 parts, AGFA (he says colors are good but no photos, but AGFA tends to be no/low fade afaik). 160 EUR
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It's down to €120, cheapest I've seen it. It does say it's missing the title card and has 'usual wear' although that could be the Google translate not being accurate
Thanks given by: TomArrow
Another Agfa Zombie 3x400 on eBay Germany:
Thanks given by: TomArrow , alleycat
(2021-07-25, 08:32 PM)zoidberg Wrote: Another Agfa Zombie 3x400 on eBay Germany:

Thanks, will keep an eye on it but expect it will go very high as usual. I think I'll see how the scan of The Warriors goes and off the back of that make a decision about future scans. Good news is in theory, if paying market value, I should be able to get roughly the same amount back by selling the Super 8 after scanning.
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I think that even if the scan doesn't work out seeing it projected would be great fun, by all accounts it's a nifty cutdown. It would probably be a good starting point for a regrade, seeing as the Second Sight restoration is out now
Thanks given by: alleycat
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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